Trailers From Hell
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McCabe & Mrs. Miller

Robert Altman, Warren Beatty and Julie Christie join together for one of the great westerns, a poetic account of the founding of a town and the way big business preys on foolish little guys. Raw and cluttered, the show gives … Continue reading


Boy on a Dolphin

Killer Greek scenery in CinemaScope graces Jean Negulesco’s relaxed thriller about art theft in the Aegean. But viewers are more likely to remember Sophia Loren’s sexy wet diving costume that insured that her American debut didn’t go unnoticed. Boy on … Continue reading


Strategic Air Command

The biggest, most lavish collaboration between Hollywood and the Pentagon was this Anthony Mann-James Stewart collaboration, a morale & recruiting cheer for America’s intercontinental bombing air force, the service that kept the peace by holding up our side of the … Continue reading


80s Horror!

We continue our string of Halloween-themed quizzes with this look back at the totally awesome decade known as the 80’s.

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