Trailers From Hell
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The Brain that Wouldn’t Die

Forget your ‘Jan in the Pan’ jokes and all those ‘thing in the closet’ remarks about gay subtext. This loopy, kooky and kinky horror offering from New York’s Tarrytown is a keeper despite its primitive direction and campy screenplay. Mad scientist … Continue reading


Queen of Blood

Curtis Harrington took an assignment nobody else would and fashioned a gem of low-budget Sci-Fi. A Russian space epic provides expensive-looking special effects scenes for a new horror show about a deadly alien rescued from a crash landing on Mars. … Continue reading


A Blazing Saddles Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. The real inauguration of the holiday season in the United States, and in homes, countries, points and vast places all around the globe, seems to begin here. If all goes according to plan, each year we enter into it … Continue reading


Poster Puzzles!

This week we’re testing your movie poster prowess! ‘ Be sure to click submit for your score!


The Hurricane

John Ford and Samuel Goldwyn’s South Seas disaster picture can boast spectacular action and compelling romance. The unjustly imprisoned Jon Hall crosses half an ocean to rejoin his beloved Dorothy Lamour under The Moon of Manakoora, before an incredible (and incredibly … Continue reading