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Roger Corman Interviewed by Jonathan Demme

The new issue of Interview Magazine features a great interview with the legendary filmmaker, Roger Corman, conducted by one of the most accomplished graduates of the “Corman School”, the brilliant Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs, Stop Making Sense). Demme … Continue reading

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Transcendent Thoughts

From TFH Producer Elizabeth Stanley… A friend of mine was having trouble with a business colleague and asked an attorney friend what to do. Without hesitation, he answered “Take him out”. “To lunch?” she replied. The lawyer said “No, kill … Continue reading

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The Vampire and the Ballerina

Trailers From Hell welcomes all movies great and small but sometimes a particular trailer may not be up to the visual quality of the rest of our catalog or is simply too oddball to present in our usual format. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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The Seducers

Here’s another installment featuring Joe Dante’s reviews from his stint as a critic for Film Bulletin circa 1969-1974. Our thanks to Video Watchdog and Tim Lucas for his editorial embellishments!   Plenty of perverse sensationalism for the sex fans in … Continue reading

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It’s A Gift

Three significant early Paramount comedies make an appearance in our Great Global Search, Horse Feathers and Monkey Business starring the Marx Brothers and It’s A Gift with W.C. Fields. Groucho and company are nothing less than essential but in the grand scheme of things, Fields’ … Continue reading