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In a Lonely Place

It’s a different Bogart — a character performance in a Nicholas Ray noir about distrust anxiety in romance. Gloria Grahame is the independent woman who must withhold her commitment… until a murder can be sorted out. Which will crack first, … Continue reading


Janis: Little Girl Blue

An amazing talent gone way too soon, Janis Joplin is more than her boozy, brash public image. This bio docu has the personal background and the insights of those her knew, plus the Texas and San Francisco context in the … Continue reading


Where to Invade Next

America’s favorite gadfly has made something worth watching — a European tour of Great Ideas that American would do well to steal outright — even if many of those ideas originated here. Not that anyone will listen, but Hail the … Continue reading



One of the best-remembered dramas of the ’70s gives us controversial actresses, a lavish production and a story by the even more controversial Lillian Hellman. Director Fred Zinnemann makes it into a suspenseful, deeply affecting experience. Julia Blu-ray Twilight Time … Continue reading


Portraits of the Artist

This week TFH takes a look at the fine art of fine artist bio-pics! Be sure to click submit for your score!