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Morrison’s Grave – An Unsolved Mystery

Since we’re running Allan Arkush’s commentary on Oliver Stone’s The Doors this week,  I thought it might be fun to share a story with you. I loved the Doors’ music from the moment I first heard it as a teenager growing up in LA. … Continue reading


Revisiting ‘The Second Civil War’

Over the years whenever I revisit this film at festivals or retrospectives I’m always amazed how prescient it was. The issues it deals with have never dated (unfortunately). It’s usually just a matter of which ones are outstanding at the … Continue reading


A Hard Day’s Night opens Don’t Knock the Rock 2014

Andrew Sarris called it the Citizen Kane of  jukebox musicals but A Hard Day’s Night long ago broke free from the constraints of being “just” a great musical. Director Richard Lester’s most remarkable accomplishment was making the movie equivalent of a great Beatles … Continue reading


Back to Andromeda

By David S. Schow Hall:  “Where’s the library?” Dutton:  “No need for books — everything’s in the computer.” One of the few regrets of my adult life is that I never got to meet Michael Crichton, who died too young, … Continue reading


Godard and the Permanently New

Thoughts occasioned by the release of Adieu au langage Godard and the Permanently New One “It has to face the men of the time and to meet/The women of the time. It has to think about war  And it has to … Continue reading