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Deeper Into Movies

+-*Welcome to the second edition of TFH Tuesday Trivia. This week we’re wading a little further into the deep end with some slightly more challenging questions for you. Good luck!   As usual, we’d love to hear how you did… let us … Continue reading

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Win tickets to Heavy Traffic at the Aero!

+-*TFH guru and man-about-town Larry Karaszewski is hosting a double bill featuring Ralph Bakshi’s outrageous animation landmark, Heavy Traffic alongside his raucous 1981 comedy, American Pop. As if that wasn’t enticement enough, Larry will be interviewing Bakshi himself during intermission! This … Continue reading



+-*Starting today, it’s down the rabbit hole once again to revel in Hollywood’s past glories (and international cinema’s too) at the 2015 TCM Classic Film Festival, unspooling March 26-29. This is the sixth incarnation of the festival, and I have … Continue reading


At the Devil’s Door

+-*Sometimes getting there is more than half the fun. When it comes to genre storytelling, the buildup toward a presumably satisfying conclusion can create so much anticipation that the big reveal can’t help but end up something of a letdown. … Continue reading