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The Real Man with Kaleidoscope Eyes

Roger Corman sat down with Conan O’Brien last week for a spirited interview (promoting his latest Sy-Fy spectacular, Sharktopus Vs. Pteracuda) turning in a charismatic performance that provoked a reaction not unlike Dennis Hopper’s besotted appraisal of Dean Stockwell’s spaced-out lounge lizard in Blue Velvet: “Suave? Goddamn, you … Continue reading

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Revisiting a Cruel and Unusual Punishment

With last week’s news about a federal judge in California declaring the state’s death penalty “cruel and unusual punishment” and therefore unconstitutional along with this week’s horror story about a bungled execution in Arizona, Brian Trenchard-Smith’s recent trio of capital punishment-themed films proved particularly prescient. … Continue reading

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Morrison’s Grave – An Unsolved Mystery

Since we’re running Allan Arkush’s commentary on Oliver Stone’s The Doors this week,  I thought it might be fun to share a story with you. I loved the Doors’ music from the moment I first heard it as a teenager growing up in LA. … Continue reading


Revisiting ‘The Second Civil War’

Over the years whenever I revisit this film at festivals or retrospectives I’m always amazed how prescient it was. The issues it deals with have never dated (unfortunately). It’s usually just a matter of which ones are outstanding at the … Continue reading


A Hard Day’s Night opens Don’t Knock the Rock 2014

Andrew Sarris called it the Citizen Kane of  jukebox musicals but A Hard Day’s Night long ago broke free from the constraints of being “just” a great musical. Director Richard Lester’s most remarkable accomplishment was making the movie equivalent of a great Beatles … Continue reading