Trailers From Hell
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The Gang’s All Here

Wonderful isn’t a good enough word to describe this joyful, funny and visually intoxicating Alice Faye musical by Busby Berkeley. Decades later it became part of a big Camp revival, but the real draw is still the Benny Goodman swing … Continue reading


Muriel, or The Time of Return

Alain Resnais’ deceptively conventional drama is really about interpersonal dynamics: lives lived in the here and now are really anchored in events and concerns from the past, that bleed into the present. Delphine Seyrig’s antique dealer invites an old beau … Continue reading


Modesty Blaise

Joseph Losey doesn’t normally make trendy, lighthearted genre films, and in this SuperSpy epic we find out why — an impressive production and great music don’t compensate for a lack of pace and dynamism, not to mention a narrow sense … Continue reading


‘Neath Arizona Skies

This early John Wayne oater displays the natural star quality and winning personality that sustained him through the 1930s — it’s a naïve, charming western that features some of The Duke’s closest early associates. ‘Neath Arizona Skies Blu-ray Olive Films … Continue reading


Miss Sadie Thompson

Rita Hayworth in 3-D, in a hot story that was acceptable for 1925 and 1932, but too racy for repressed 1953. On a tropical island, a prostitute cabaret singer battles a fiery preacher missionary inspector for her freedom. Hayworth is … Continue reading