Neil Marshall on

Assault on Precinct 13

Released 1976
Distributor Turtle Releasing

John Carpenter’s low, low budget ($100,000) thriller about a gun-happy attack on a police station was inspired in equal parts by Rio Bravo and Night of the Living Dead. After a lackluster stateside release the film gained traction in Europe and its cult status was set in stone by the early eighties (thanks in no small part to Carpenter’s 1978 blockbuster, Halloween). Carpenter, whose original screenplay was titled The Anderson Alamo, was chief cook and bottle washer on the 1976 film, not only directing, writing and editing but composing its score as well (which was recorded in one day).

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About Neil Marshall

Neil Marshall is a genre film-maker from the North of England. His features include Dog Soldiers, The Descent and Centurion. He directed the 'Blackwater' episode of Game of Thrones, and the first episode of the Michael Bay produced pirate show Black Sails. Most recently he's directed episodes of Constantine, Hannibal, Timeless, Westworld and the revamped Lost in Space. Currently he's directing the newest Hellboy feature.

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