Axelle Carolyn on

The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires

Released 1979
Distributor Dynamite Entertainment

With the resurgence of Kung Fu and Hammer horror in the 70’s, The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires was inevitable – Fang Fu, if you will.  Roy Ward Baker’s shocker is packed with enough R-rated sex and violence to tide over any drive-in crowd and it brings back Peter Cushing as the indefatigable Van Helsing – though our favorite vampire-hunter is stuck with a pretty blasé bloodsucker as an adversary. Fortunately the high-flying fight scenes stave off most of the doldrums.

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About Axelle Carolyn

A horror fan for as long as she can remember, Axelle Carolyn started out as a film journalist before writing and directing two award-winning short films in 2011, then her first feature, ghost story Soulmate, the following year. She is the creator and co-producer of 2015 horror anthology Tales of Halloween, for which she also directed a segment, alongside fellow TFH gurus Neil Marshall, Mike Mendez and Darren Bousman.

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