Axelle Carolyn on

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Released 1993
Distributor Buena Vista Pictures

Stop motion animator Henry Selick made his feature film debut with this macabre yuletide fairy tale based on a poem by Tim Burton; the darkly comic result resembles a George Pal Puppetoon directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Chris Sarandon lends his voice to the film’s spindly hero, Jack Skellington, who brings the Christmas spirit to the gruesome inhabitants of Halloween Town. Catherine O’Hara co-stars as Sally, his bug-eyed rag doll love interest and Burton regular Danny Elfman weighs in with a melancholy mock-operatic score containing overtones of Stephen Sondheim and Bernard Herrmann.

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About Axelle Carolyn

A horror fan for as long as she can remember, Axelle Carolyn started out as a film journalist before writing and directing two award-winning short films in 2011, then her first feature, ghost story Soulmate, the following year. She is the creator and co-producer of 2015 horror anthology Tales of Halloween, for which she also directed a segment, alongside fellow TFH gurus Neil Marshall, Mike Mendez and Darren Bousman.

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