Roger Corman on

Ski Troop Attack

Released 1960
Distributor Filmgroup

Roger Corman recalls the frigid details of shooting this indie war picture for his non-union production company The Filmgroup on location in snowbound Deadwood, South Dakota. Shot back-to-back with The Beast from Haunted Cave, both from scripts by Corman warhorse Charles B. Griffith.

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About Roger Corman

Movie Legend Roger Corman has been producing and directing pictures since 1954. He has directed over 50 movies and produced over 300, as well as giving starts to half the filmmakers, actors and technicians in Hollywood. His credits include a hefty portion of the titles we feature here on Trailers from Hell. In November 2009 he received an Honorary Lifetime Achievement Academy Award. And if you didn’t already know this stuff, you must have stumbled on this site by accident.

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