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The Way of the Dragon

Released 1974
Distributor Bryanston Distributing

Bruce Lee’s third film for Raymond Chow’s Golden Harvest saw him awarded total control — he starred, wrote, directed and choreographed the action. In his second film appearance karate champ Chuck Norris challenges Lee to a knock-down-drag-out martial arts battle in the Roman Coliseum. Norris also made his way into the revamped version of Game of Death via footage from this film. Released in the US as Return of the Dragon, it has also played in various territories as Fury of the Dragon and Revenge of the Dragon.

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About Brian Trenchard-Smith

Brian Trenchard-Smith has been burning to make genre films ever since seeing Hitchcock’s Vertigo at age 13. So far he has directed 42 Crimes Against Cinema, and counting (He’s an enthusiastic recidivist.) The Fantaspoa International Fantastic Film Festival recently gave him a career achievement award. His cult hits include The Man from Hong Kong, Turkey Shoot, BMX Bandits, Stunt Rock, Dead End Drive In, The Siege of Firebase Gloria. He has also made over 100 trailers ranging from Hammer horrors to Australian films of the 70′s and 80′s. His latest film is Drive Hard, a quirky action comedy with John Cusack and Thomas Jane. He hopes to shoot a Sci-Fi action picture in Tianjing, China later this year. Brian shares a passion for history with his wife Byzantine historian Dr. Margaret Trenchard-Smith. His first novel Alice Through The Multiverse, and his autobiography Adventures in the B Movie Trade, are available on Amazon and Kindle.

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