Dan Perri on

The Silent Partner

Released 1979
Distributor EMC

A perennial cult film, Daryl Duke’s ingenious and suspenseful thriller about a bank teller who two-times a bank robber with disastrous consequences gathers new fans every day. Elliot Gould shines in his tailor made part as the unlucky clerk while the brilliant Christopher Plummer portrays one of the most unnerving villains in screen history.

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About Dan Perri

Since 1970, designer Dan Perri has been responsible for some of the most iconic title sequences in film and television history including The Exorcist, Star Wars, Raging Bull and Taxi Driver. In 1977 he created the logo for Close Encounters of the Third Kind and directed the film’s advertising campaign. Perri’s most recent work includes The Aviator, In the Valley of Elah and First House on the Hill.

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