Michael Peyser on

The Hill

Released 1965
Distributor MGM

Michael Peyser is a little cooler than we are to Sidney Lumet’s ultra-cinematic adaptation of Ray Rigby’s adaptation of his play set in a brutal British military prison in the Libyan desert. Sean Connery was thrilled to land this serious role after feeling marginalized by his identification with James Bond. He’s terrific in this, as is the entire distinguished cast. Lumet’s 1995 career memoir/handbook Making Movies is one of the best resources for would-be directors.

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About Michael Peyser

Michael Peyser is an accomplished producer of both major studio movies as well as cutting edge independent films. Among his producing credits are The Purple Rose of Cairo, F/X, Big Business, Ruthless People, Hackers, Matilda, U23D, The Warrior's Way and Woody Allen: A Documentary.  Peyser is a tenured professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where he teaches all aspects of producing and filmmaking.

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