Michael Peyser on

Seven Days In May

Released 1964
Distributor Paramount

As Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas tighten the screws in a life and death face-off between a traitorous general and his whistle-blowing aide, John Frankenheimer keeps upping the ante in this brilliantly directed political thriller scripted by Rod Serling in 1964. Good-guy politicos Fredric March and Edmond O’Brien push back against the gathering storm while conspirators Whit Bissell and Hugh Marlowe keep adding fuel to the fire.

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About Michael Peyser

Michael Peyser is an accomplished producer of both major studio movies as well as cutting edge independent films. Among his producing credits are The Purple Rose of Cairo, F/X, Big Business, Ruthless People, Hackers, Matilda, U23D, The Warrior's Way and Woody Allen: A Documentary.  Peyser is a tenured professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where he teaches all aspects of producing and filmmaking.