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Released 1974
Distributor Paramount

Sandwiched in between his two Godfather triumphs, Francis Coppola’s tense thriller is a quietly malevolent masterpiece. Gene Hackman plays his reputedly favorite role as an obsessive surveillance expert whose recordings of a possible murder put him in jeopardy.  Partially inspired by Antonioni’s Blow Up, this is the kind of grown-up movie they just don’t make anymore–remarkable in its time and still impressive today despite the intervening leaps in technology.

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About Josh Olson

Josh Olson  was the only student in his second grade class to see The House That Dripped Blood.  Many years later, he wrote and directed the no-budget horror film, Infested, a brutal assault on The Big Chill, with zombies. He went on to write the screenplay for A History of Violence and was nominated for the WGA, BAFTA and Academy Awards for Best Screenplay. He kept losing to Larry McMurtry, but that’s okay.  He co-wrote the teleplay for the Masters of Science Fiction episode, The Discarded, with Harlan Ellison, and is currently writing a sophisticated thriller, Tabloid, for Mick Jagger.