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Released 1978
Distributor New World

Roger Corman’s 1978 Jaws ripoff spawned remakes in 1995 (for cable) and 2010 (in 3-D) and its own “3-DD” sequel, as well as an Italian-made 1981 flying fish sequel directed by James Cameron. Although released three years after Spielberg’s blockbuster, Piranha hit the international jackpot especially in South America. Part ’50s sci-fi spoof and part underwater gore fest, this vaguely subversive Joe Dante-John Sayles collaboration has proved amazingly durable over the years.

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About Jon Davison

NYU graduate and longtime film buff Jon Davison parlayed his term as director of advertising and publicity for Roger Corman’s New World Pictures into a producing career which includes two of Paul Verhoeven’s best, Robocop and Starship Troopers.  Other Davison productions are Airplane!, The Sixth Day, Piranha and Sam Fuller’s controversial White Dog. At this moment he’s probably running a 16mm print in his living room.

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