Jon Davison on


Released 1974
Distributor New World Pictures

Producer Roger Corman was certain Monte Hellman’s down home redneck version of The Hustler would be popular south of the Mason-Dixon line without realizing that cockfighting was a general market embarrassment by 1974. Here we have both the original trailer plus a somewhat desperate attempt to re-release it sans its basic gimmick.

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About Jon Davison

NYU graduate and longtime film buff Jon Davison parlayed his term as director of advertising and publicity for Roger Corman’s New World Pictures into a producing career which includes two of Paul Verhoeven’s best, Robocop and Starship Troopers.  Other Davison productions are Airplane!, The Sixth Day, Piranha and Sam Fuller’s controversial White Dog. At this moment he’s probably running a 16mm print in his living room.

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