Jon Davison on

Hollywood Boulevard

Released 1976
Distributor New World Pictures

Producer Jon Davison takes us through the hurry-up production of one of the last of Roger Corman’s “three girls” drive-in exploitation pictures in which nubile nurses, teachers or in this case starlets have semi-clothed adventures around LA for 80 minutes or so. Enthusiastically narrated, to say the least, by The Real Don Steele.

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About Jon Davison

NYU graduate and longtime film buff Jon Davison parlayed his term as director of advertising and publicity for Roger Corman’s New World Pictures into a producing career which includes two of Paul Verhoeven’s best, Robocop and Starship Troopers.  Other Davison productions are Airplane!, The Sixth Day, Piranha and Sam Fuller’s controversial White Dog. At this moment he’s probably running a 16mm print in his living room.