Karyn Kusama on

Paris, Texas

Released 1984
Distributor Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Wim Wenders’ fatalistic road movie stars Harry Dean Stanton as an amnesiac who wanders Texas in search of his lost wife. Dean Stockwell co-stars as Stanton’s estranged brother and Nastassja Kinski is Stanton’s runaway bride. Graced with a keenly literate script by L.M. Kit Carson and Sam Shepard, the film is made complete by Ry Cooder’s bluesy dust-bowl score. The film won the Palme d’Or at the 1984 Cannes Film Festival.

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About Karyn Kusama

Karyn Kusama wrote and directed her first feature film, Girlfight in 1999. Since then she has directed the science-fiction love story Aeon Flux, and the comedy-horror film Jennifer’s Body. She lives in Los Angeles.

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