Karyn Kusama on

Deep Red

Released 1976
Distributor Howard Mahler Films

Music teacher David Hemmings investigates a series of brutal axe murders in Dario Argento’s seminal giallo. Stylishly shot in Argento’s favorite location, Torino, Italy. The film exists in multiple edits, the original Italian running 126 minutes. The rock group Goblin provided their first of several Argento music scores when called in to replace composer Giorgio Gasilini, who ankled the project after blow-ups with the director. The 101 minute US theatrical version, titled The Hatchet Murders, is available online at The Internet Archive.

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About Karyn Kusama

Karyn Kusama wrote and directed her first feature film, Girlfight in 1999. Since then she has directed the science-fiction love story Aeon Flux, and the comedy-horror film Jennifer’s Body. She lives in Los Angeles.

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