John Sayles on

The Naked City

Released 1948
Distributor Universal Pictures

Most film noirs are notable for their low budgets and scrappy attitude but producer Mark Hellinger’s hard-boiled detective drama is Tiffany-level moviemaking all the way. Jules Dassin, director of art house favorites like Rififi and Phaedra, is at the helm, Barry Fitzgerald stars and the Oscar-winning cinematography is by Hollywood veteran William Daniels (Camille, The Shop Around the Corner).

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About John Sayles

John Sayles is an actor, screenwriter, film director and novelist. His most recent novel, A Moment in the Sun, is now available in paperback and his latest feature (his 18th!), Go For Sisters, will attempt to sneak into theaters this September. He would rather watch a good trailer than a bad movie.

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