John Sayles on

Beginning of the End

Released 1957
Distributor Republic Pictures

TFH welcomes John Sayles to the ranks of Grindhouse Gurus. This nervy 1957 trailer acts like Bert I. Gordon’s shoestring ripoff of previous giant bug movies is some kind of innovative breakthrough! It does boast two ’50s sci fi icons in the cast (Morris Ankrum and Tom Browne Henry) in their signature roles as tough minded military officers, and became a major component of Joe Dante and Jon Davison’s The Movie Orgy.

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About John Sayles

John Sayles is an actor, screenwriter, film director and novelist. His most recent novel, A Moment in the Sun, is now available in paperback and his latest feature (his 18th!), Go For Sisters, will attempt to sneak into theaters this September. He would rather watch a good trailer than a bad movie.

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