John Sayles on

Border Incident

Released 1949
Distributor MGM

MGM head Dore Schary essentially co-opted one of Anthony Mann’s Eagle-Lion projects, hiring Mann, writer John Higgins and the great cinematographer John Alton away from the low budget factory and giving them more money to work‚ with. As‚ in their earlier T-Men, government agents infiltrate a crime ring, this time‚ one exploiting migrant farm workers. Surprisingly violent for Metro, this is one of the greatest looking ‚ black-and-white movies.

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About John Sayles

John Sayles is an actor, screenwriter, film director and novelist. His most recent novel, A Moment in the Sun, is now available in paperback and his latest feature (his 18th!), Go For Sisters, will attempt to sneak into theaters this September. He would rather watch a good trailer than a bad movie.

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