Michael Lehmann on

Dr. Strangelove

Released 1964
Distributor Columbia Pictures

Insanity reigns in Stanley Kubrick’s absurdist adaptation of Peter George’s no-nonsense cold war thriller, Red Alert, as the earth spirals toward destruction thanks to the twisted scheme of a deranged Air Force General. Fortunately it’s a very funny spiral with a (literally) lunatic cast that boasts George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden and Peter Sellers (essaying three roles including the title character). Slim Pickens (in a role intended for Sellers) plays a gonzo cowpoke who contributes to one of the most astonishing finales in movie history.

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About Michael Lehmann

Michael Lehmann has directed nine feature films, including HeathersHudson HawkThe Truth About Cats and Dogs, and Because I Said So.  Among his numerous television directing credits are HomicideThe West WingThe Larry Sanders Show, Big Love, Californication, American Horror Story, Dexter and True Blood. He recently wrote and directed Betas, a pilot for Amazon Studios that has been ordered to series.

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