Michael Lehmann on

The Man Who Fell to Earth

Released 1976
Distributor Cinema 5

This (British) trailer goes out of its way to oversell the debuting David Bowie (the best-cast alien since Michael Rennie in Day The Earth Stood Still), but Nic Roeg and Paul Mayersberg’s adaptation of Walter Tevis’ novel faced a rocky reception when producer Paramount Pictures refused to distribute it after its first screening. Picked up by arthouse indie Cinema V, it was brutally cut for its initial US release but managed to find cult status anyway. It’s since been restored and is a must-see; one of the most intelligent science fiction films ever released.

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About Michael Lehmann

Michael Lehmann has directed nine feature films, including HeathersHudson HawkThe Truth About Cats and Dogs, and Because I Said So.  Among his numerous television directing credits are HomicideThe West WingThe Larry Sanders Show, Big Love, Californication, American Horror Story, Dexter and True Blood. He recently wrote and directed Betas, a pilot for Amazon Studios that has been ordered to series.

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