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Released 1983
Distributor Warner Bros.

Only two years after starring in Joe Dante’s The Howling, Dee Wallace and Christopher Stone are face to snout with yet another snarling beast. This time it’s the rabies-infected St. Bernard of Lewis Teague’s Cujo. The film’s frantically suspenseful climax helped make it a modest success in 1983 (the fourth-highest grossing horror film of the year). Teague’s in-your-face action scenes were abetted by editor Neil Travis (Terminator 3) and cinematographer Jan De Bont (eleven years before his directorial debut with Speed).

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About Mick Garris

Mick Garris produced and directed a segment for Nightmare Cinema, the spine-tingling horror event of the summer. Previously, Mick created the Masters of Horror hour-long cable series of fright films helmed by well-known genre directors, including himself.  Numerous screenplay assignments led to a career in directing, and he is perhaps best known for his long association with Stephen King, whose novels The Stand and The Shining have been translated by Garris into well-received mini-series. Mick authored the book, “Development Hell”, which can be ordered from Amazon.com at this link! Mick’s recent books “Snow Shadows,” “Tyler’s Third Act,” “Ugly” and “SALOME” are now out from Cemetery Dance. Mick also executive produced Unbroken for Universal Pictures, based on Laura Hillenbrand’s book on Louis Zamperini with Angelina Jolie directing