Brian Trenchard-Smith on

The Horror of Frankenstein

Released 1970
Distributor Hammer

About The Horror of Frankenstein

Generally considered the nadir of the Hammer Frankenstein series, this campy replay of The Curse of Frankenstein misfires in a variety of directions. As fate would have it, it went out on a US double bill with The Scars of Dracula, itself the low point of Hammer’s Dracula series. Brian Trenchard-Smith created this trailer and is considerably more forgiving of the movie’s low rent aspects. But magic-marker scars do not a monster make.

About Brian Trenchard-Smith

Brian Trenchard-Smithhas been burning to make genre films ever since seeing Hitchcock’s Vertigo at age 13. So far he has directed 42 Crimes Against Cinema, and counting. (He’s an enthusiastic recidivist.)  His cult favorites include The Man from Hong KongTurkey ShootBMX BanditsStunt RockThe Siege of Firebase Gloria. He has also made over 100 trailers ranging from Hammer horrors to Australian films of the 70′s and 80′s.   He recently directed The Cabin, a blended family romantic comedy starring Lea Thompson, which premiered on Hallmark, and Absolute Deception, a female driven suspense mystery thriller starring Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr. and Emmanuelle Vaugier which is now available on DVD, PPV, and via download. He is currently shooting a quirky buddy action comedy Hard Drive with John Cusack and Thomas Jane.  Brian shares a passion for history with his wife Byzantine historian Dr. Margaret Trenchard-Smith, Ph.D.  His dream project - the true story of England's most maligned King of England, Richard the Third.