Bernard Rose on

The Phantom Of The Opera ’25

Released 1925
Distributor Universal

This is the oldest title we’ve ever featured on this site, mainly because it’s not easy to come up with silent-era trailers. Justly celebrated for Lon Chaney’s amazing performance and makeup, the film itself is a tattered amalgam of rewrites, reshoots and recuts, further complicated by more shooting for a sound-on-disc reissue.  Originally all the opera scenes were in two-color Technicolor, but only the masked ball scene survives in color. Although named to the National Film Registry, no definitive version exists.

For Universal lovers, here’s Chaney’s classic re-scored with some prime Hans Salter (among other Universal composers).

About Bernard Rose

Bernard Rose was one of the pioneering music video directors in the early days of MTV,  shooting Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and Red Red Wine for UB40. Rose’s feature credits as writer and director include Paperhouse, Candyman, Immortal Beloved, Ivansxtc, Anna Karenina, and Two Jacks. Rose has recently completed his Japanese language ‘Samurai Marathon 1855’ for producers Jeremy Thomas & Toshiaki Nakazawa. You can check out his work at