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Released 1932
Distributor United Artists

Lewis Milestone’s 1932 film about a fun-loving hooker named Sadie Thompson and her clash with a two-faced missionary takes full advantage of its pre-code status. Supposedly set in the South Seas it was filmed on Santa Catalina Island in Los Angeles county. Walter Huston plays the conflicted reverend and Joan Crawford stars as the repentant prostitute Sadie. The part has attracted a number of actresses over the years from Gloria Swanson to Rita Hayworth.

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About Allan Arkush

A record collector and film buff from birth, Allan Arkush brought his two loves together in directing the cult classic Rock ‘n’ Roll High School. Back in the day Allan was directing and executive producing television series like Heroes, and Crossing Jordan.  He has also directed episodes of Ally McBeal, Moonlighting, St. Elsewhere, Fame, A Series of Unfortunate Events and TV Movies like Elvis Meets Nixon and Shake Rattle & Rock as well as the mini-series, The Temptations, for which he won an Emmy. He used to have a lost film, Get Crazy, but Kino/Lorber found it in time for Christmas 2021. His day job is teaching Film production & history at the AFI.