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Joe Dante Puts On His X-Ray Specs

by TFH Team Feb 27, 2015

Roger Corman fans will be in hog heaven come this May when Kino Lorber Studio Classics releases one of his seminal films on Blu-ray, “X” The Man with X-Ray Eyes. The disc features audio commentary by Video Watchdog‘s Tim Lucas, Roger’s own Trailers From Hell commentary and a featurette with Joe Dante extolling the eye-popping virtues of Corman’s existential sci-fi potboiler.

You can pre-order Kino’s “X” The Man with X-Ray Eyes right here. In the Embarrassment of Riches Dept., May also sees Kino’s release of Corman’s morbid mystery, The Premature Burial (you can read more about that disc here).

In the meantime, stare deep into your computer screen and check out this preview of Joe’s X-cellent commentary, courtesy of filmmaker Elijah Drenner.