Joe Dante is Prematurely Burying the Ex

by TFH Team Feb 27, 2015

Joe Dante has been thinking a lot lately about dead bodies that won’t stay dead.

Case in point, his upcoming Zom-Com, Burying The Ex (from Image Entertainment) in which a young fella’s very stubborn (and very dead) girlfriend just won’t keep in her coffin…  and another case in point, the imminent release on Blu-ray of Roger Corman’s The Premature Burial which features Joe in a special featurette discussing Corman’s 1962 Grand Guignol starring Ray Milland and Hazel Court.

It’s to be expected that there are several more laughs in Joe’s new film as opposed to the relentlessly grim goings-on in Corman’s fog-bound spookshow… and that fog should look beautiful in Kino Lorber Studio Classics’s Blu-ray transfer.

The disc also contains Roger Corman’s own Trailers From Hell commentary on the film and you can pre-order it right here. As a special treat we’re presenting this decidedly premature sneak peak of Joe’s musings, courtesy of filmmaker Elijah Drenner.

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