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In a World

Released 2013
Distributor Roadside Attractions

A movie about movie trailers? Count us in. More specifically, director/writer Lake Bell’s 2013 farce is about the cutthroat world of movie trailer narrators. Potentially a thin premise, the talented Lake Bell, who also stars, spins some comedy gold with the help of a terrific cast of comedian/actors including Demetri Martin and Rob Corddry. The low budget film tripled its cost at the box office and won critical appraisal across the board.

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About Chris Wilkinson

Christopher Wilkinson only works in the movie business to support his music habit — so many guitars, so little time. His screenwriting credits include Nixon, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award, Ali, starring Will Smith, Copying Beethoven, which he also produced, and was a writer and executive producer on both Pawn Sacrifice and Miles Ahead. In addition, he wrote and directed the PBS documentary, Virtuosity.