Darren Bousman on

Death Wish

Released 1974
Distributor Paramount

Although Charles Bronson had been making movies for nearly 25 years and was quite popular in Europe, this international smash hit made him a superstar for the rest of his career.  Michael Winner’s provocative saga of a grieving father’s vigilante vengeance became a Nixon-era touchstone that engendered four increasingly exploitative sequels over the next two decades. Hard to imagine what originally slated director Sidney Lumet would have made of this with Jack Lemmon in the lead.

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About Darren Bousman

Darren Lynn Bousman was born in Overland Park, Kansas, and is a graduate of the Film School at Full Sail University. After co-writing and directing Saw II, Darren went on to direct Saw IIISaw IV and the cult Rock-Opera Repo! The Genetic Opera.  His directing credits also include Mother’s Day, 11-11-11, The Devil’s Carnival and The Barrens.