Heidi Honeycutt on

Barbarian Queen

Released 1985
Distributor Concorde Pictures

Hoping to capitalize on the success of Conan the Barbarian, Roger Corman’s Concorde Pictures partnered with director Héctor Olivera for this sword and sandal fantasy filmed in Argentina. Lana Clarkson plays a fur-clad warrior who can out-battle any brawny adversary but somehow finds herself in situations better suited to a Hooters waitress. Co-starring TFH Guru Katt Shea and memorable Concorde scream queen Dawn Dunlap.

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About Heidi Honeycutt

Heidi Honeycutt is a film programmer and film journalist with extensive knowledge of horror film history and women genre film directors. She is the co-founder of Etheria Film festival, the world-famous showcase of new genre films directed by women. She is the producer of the six-season fantasy/horror series "Etheria" and the horror anthology show "Beyond the Dark" for Shudder as well as several special features documentaries including "Killer Cuisine: The Making of Blood Diner".

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