Heidi Honeycutt on

Johnny Eager

Released 1942
Distributor MGM

Robert Taylor is Johnny Eager, a bad-guy turned good in Melvyn LeRoy’s 1942 noir about a double-dealing racketeer who’ll step on anyone to get what he wants. That includes Lana Turner as his eager-to-please lover and Van Heflin as Johnny’s right-hand man and only friend. Heflin won an Oscar for his trouble.

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Heidi Honeycutt is a film programmer and film journalist with extensive knowledge of horror film history and women genre film directors. She is the co-founder of Etheria Film festival, the world-famous showcase of new genre films directed by women. She is the producer of the six-season fantasy/horror series "Etheria" and the horror anthology show "Beyond the Dark" for Shudder as well as several special features documentaries including "Killer Cuisine: The Making of Blood Diner".

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Allan Arkush

Very entertaining AND informative. Can’t beat that. Time to give this Johnny another look.