Dan Ireland on

Two For the Road

Released 1967
Distributor 20th Century Fox

Well, Emma Thompson may not like Audrey Hepburn but we sure do. Here she is with Albert Finney in one of her best pictures, Stanley Donen’s time-shifting, audaciously fast-cut dramedy about the beginning and end of a marriage told through a series of car trips‚ around France.

About Dan Ireland

TFH Guru Dan Ireland passed away on April 14, 2016. Dan loved movies of all shapes, sizes, genres and formats. As co-founder (and co-director) of The Seattle International Film Festival and Co-Artistic Director of The Louisiana International Film Festival, Dan produced over 15 movies including John Huston’s final film, The Dead, and Bernard Rose’s Paperhouse. He made his directorial debut in 1996 with the award winning The Whole Wide World starring Vincent D’Onofrio and a then unknown Renee Zellweger. His other directorial credits include Passionada, Mrs. Palfrey at The Claremont, starring Dame Joan Plowright and E.L. Doctorow’s Jolene, which launched the career of actress Jessica Chastain. What was to be Dan's next project, Mr. Lively, fell apart mere weeks before its scheduled production, a month before his passing.