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Penn Jillette on LOOK

by TFH Team Oct 27, 2013

About a year ago Adam Rifkin’s phone rang… on the other end was Penn Jillette. He’d written a script called Director’s Cut and wanted Adam to turn it into a movie. What compelled Penn to make that late night call? Adam’s 2007 film, Look, happens to be Penn’s favorite movie.

directors cut

Filmed entirely by hidden devices, Look is the ultimate found-footage film, fueled by paranoia and voyeurism featuring a cast caught on tape by (irony of ironies) a “security” camera.

Calling into question the nature of “reality” shows while building a full-length narrative out seemingly random footage, Look is about as meta as you can get. That is, until Director’s Cut (we’ll be talking about Director’s Cut with Penn and Adam in the weeks ahead).

Penn and Adam decided to fund the film via Fund Anything and they’re in the final week of what has been an extraordinary campaign (among the rewards are the sacrifice of Penn and Adam’s signature ponytails!).

Adam is one of Trailer From Hell‘s most durable and popular commentators, so it only made sense to ask Penn, magician, writer, producer and life-long provocateur, to contribute a commentary to TFH. Happily, he agreed.

So today we’re extremely excited to premiere Penn’s commentary for LOOK. Since Penn’s enthusiasm for Adam’s film knows no bounds (he turned in an epic performance, far longer than our usual commentaries) we’ve decided to present the commentary in two versions, the one you’ll see today and the “director’s cut” of the long version. So stay tuned for the full-length, uncut and totally monumental Penn commentary… coming on Thursday!