Eli Roth on

Forbidden Planet

Released 1956
Distributor MGM

Dr. Morbius. His daughter Altaira. Robby the Robot. The Monster from the Id. Did we mention Altaira? (!) All are cultural icons introduced in the best-loved space opera of the nifty fifties, based on The Bard and bolstered by memorable special effects by Disney’s Josh Meador as well as a famous free ticket promo gimmick from Quaker Oats. “Welcome to Altair 4, gentlemen.”

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About Eli Roth

Eli Roth wrote, directed, and produced the horror films Cabin FeverHostel and Hostel: Part II, all made independently and on a low budget, in the tradition of his heroes.  His producing credits include The Last Exorcism and The Last Exorcism, Part II and he co-starred in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds. Most recently he wrote executed produced and directed the series Hemlock Grove for Netflix. As a child Roth was obsessed with horror movies, and was sawed in half with a chain saw at his Bar Mitzvah, much to the horror of his entire extended family. His future projects include an adaptation of Stephen King’s bestseller Cell and Trailer Trash, an entire movie of fake trailers.