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Released 2004
Distributor Lions Gate Films

Director Lars Von Trier’s 2004 film about a woman on the run from mobsters boasts a remarkable cast including Nicole Kidman, Lauren Bacall, Udo Kier, Ben Gazzara and James Caan. Von Trier mounts the film in a rigidly formalist style (the movie is presented in nine chapters) and the minimalist staging recalls the tradition of self-reflexive plays from Our Town to The Threepenny Opera. Critically acclaimed, the three hour film took a box office drubbing, due in no small part to having opened in only nine theaters.

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About Ti West

Ti West is the writer and director of The Roost, Trigger Man, The House of the Devil, The Innkeepers, V/H/S/ (Second Honeymoon) & The Sacrament.  In general, he is a big fan of movies and the trailers that come before them.