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Dick Smith – The Original Transformer

by TFH Team Aug 01, 2014

Monster make upLegendary Special Effects Make-Up master Dick Smith created the primordial transformations for 1981’s Altered States and Altered States would  be a fitting job title for the visionary craftsman who died this week at 92.

Smith was responsible for the look of so many movie characters, from Brando’s grizzled mob boss in The Godfather to The Exorcist‘s demon child to Taxi Driver‘s mohawked sociopath that it’s safe to say he was the “face” of movies for over two decades.

Here are a few TFH commentaries featuring some of Smith’s most enduring creations along with a tribute from Smith’s most likely torchbearer, Rick Baker and a 1981 interview with those two great artists.



Rick Baker on Dick Smith

1981 Interview with Dick Smith and Rick Baker