Edgar Wright on

Carnage (aka Twitch of the Death Nerve)

Released 1972
Distributor Hallmark Releasing

This is the international export trailer for Mario Bava’s trend-setting 1971 murder spree, presented entirely in solarized images. This film has had so many titles over the years that we don’t have room to list them, but the one that stuck was the brilliant US reissue title Twitch of the Death Nerve.

About Edgar Wright

Writer-director Edgar Wright is best known for Spaced, the BAFTA-nominated tv series he created with Simon Pegg for Britain’s C-4, as well as the feature films:  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010), Hot Fuzz (2007) and the zombie romantic-comedy Shaun Of The Dead (2004). The latter earned Wright a BAFTA nomination along with a Bram Stoker and a British Independent Film Award.  He co-wrote the screenplay for The Adventures of Tintin, executive produced Attack the Block, and directed The World’s End which has been lauded as one of the best films of 2013. His 2017 heist-cum-musical crime thriller Baby Driver has a 94% Fresh rating on the dreaded Rotten Tomatoes site and is his most successful boxoffice entry to date.