Art of the Title – Long May It Reign!

by TFH Team Dec 13, 2014

Art of the Title is one of those small miracles on the internet, a beautifully designed site that is also beautifully written. Its subject, as old as movies themselves, is the artfully composed title sequence.

Art of the Title could easily be called our sister site; we both opened our doors for business in 2007 and we each share the same passion for the overlooked but essential components of moviemaking.

The site was founded by Ian Albinson who was joined in 2008 by Head Writer Alexander Ulloa. Its current core team is made up of Albinson, Managing Editor Lola Landekic and Senior Editor Will Perkins.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 11.53.09 PM

This small but committed crew of artists and writers are beginning to feel the strain of publishing such high quality work on a weekly basis and so they’ve decided to look for support to keep not only the site going but themselves as well. They’ve hit upon a unique way to fundraise called Patreon.

You can read all about it at Art of the Title‘s Patreon page right here.

And here are a few of our favorite examples from the site (naturally there is a distinctly Trailers From Hell prejudice to our choices).

Attack of the Crab Monsters – Designed by Paul Julian

Innerspace – Designed by Wayne Fitzgerald

Psycho – Designed by Saul Bass

So don’t just sit there… sit there! And get over to their Patreon page to show some love (financial and otherwise) for Art of the Title!

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