Allison Anders on

Wild Guitar

Released 1962
Distributor Fairway International

Designed for the bottom of drive-in double-bills, this rags-to-rocker saga stars Arch Hall Jr. as a pompadoured rube who becomes an instant sensation on a low-rent American Bandstand knockoff and heartbreak, naturally, ensues. Grunge auteur Ray Dennis Steckler directs and costars (as “Cash Flagg”).

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About Allison Anders

Allison Anders, from the release of her first feature, Border Radio (1989; co-written and co-directed with Kurt Voss) through Things Behind the Sun (2001), has established an innovative body of work marked by ensemble acting and strong women characters. Her films as writer-director also include Gas Food Lodging (1992), Mi Vida Loca (1993) and Grace of My Heart (1996).  A professor at University Of California, Anders has also directed episodes of the TV Shows Sex In The CityCold CaseThe L-Word and What About Brian and the recent Lifetime TV movie, Ring of Fire, for which she was nominated for an Emmy. In the last year, Allison has worked frequently, directing episodes of Gang Related, The Divide, Murder in the First, and Orange is the New Black.