Ti West on

What Happened Was

Released 1994
Distributor The Samuel Goldwyn Company

Tom Noonan, an actor lauded for his villainous roles, is also an accomplished playwright, and this self-directed adaptation of his own off-broadway play reveals a sensitive side to the thespian better known as the serial killer in Michael Mann’s ManhunterWhat Happened Was is nonetheless an intense and sometimes dark ride on that uniquely perilous rollercoaster known as dating. Noonan stars along with Kathy Sillas as two co-workers who take the plunge and agree to a night on the town together. What they find out about each other and themselves is equal parts intriguing and disturbing. The multi-talented Noonan can currently be heard voicing all the supporting characters in Charlie Kaufman’s equally disturbing (and very funny) Anomalisa.

About Ti West

Ti West is the writer and director of The Roost, Trigger Man, The House of the Devil, The Innkeepers, V/H/S/ (Second Honeymoon) & The Sacrament.  In general, he is a big fan of movies and the trailers that come before them.