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The Video Watchdog Archives go Digital

by Charlie Largent Nov 28, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 1.33.47 PMThe compact 6 X 8 inch magazine first appeared in 1990 featuring one of the waterlogged ghosts from Carnival of Souls framed within a TV screen. The black and white format was pretty unprepossessing in the day but the contents were anything but. Right out of the gate Video Watchdog proclaimed itself “The Perfectionist’s Guide to Fantastic Video” and its creators, Tim and Donna Lucas, have spent the last 23  years keeping that promise.

Video Watchdog has grown in stature over those years (though never forsaking its modest physical size) by simply being true to itself. It’s garnered a legion of fans, a good portion of them within the movie industry, and counts folks like Tarantino, del Toro, Scorsese, and unofficial patron saint Joe Dante, as some of its most avid supporters.

Recently Tim and Donna turned the biggest corner of their career when they developed (starting with issue #175) a digital version of the magazine (available here). The new format allows readers to interact with the magazine in ways they never could before including video, music, slideshows and digital foot massages (I made that last one up).

So going forward we have a Brave New World of Video Watchdogs. But what about those first 174 issues? That next step depends on you. Tim and Donna have begun a Kickstarter campaign to bring the entire run of Video Watchdog into the digital domain with all of the incredible interactivity to be found in the new format.

You can find out more (much more!) at their Kickstarter page right here.

And in the meantime, here’s Mr. Dante sharing his two cents on “The Perfectionist’s Guide to Fantastic Video”: