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Released 2004
Distributor Elite Entertainment

The first word people use to describe Akihiro Higuchi’s Uzumaki is “twisted”—appropriate for a horror film in which an obsession with spirals overtakes a small town with surreal consequences. Higuchi, better known as “Higuchinsky”, based his film on a popular manga written by Junji Ito in 1998 which spawned two successful video games. An animated version has been announced by Adult Swim.

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About William Malone

“Born in Lansing Michigan, William Malone, like many of his horror colleagues, grew up watching “Shock Theater” and reading "Famous Monsters of Filmland.” In the 1970s, with a background in sculpting and painting, Malone secured a position at DonPost Studios (a mask and make-up FX firm). During his tenure there, he created many masks and props for films including sculpting the original William Shatner mask that became the iconic Michael Myers from HALLOWEEN. In 1980, he left Don Post to pursue his dream of being a filmmaker. Mortgaging his house, he made his film debut writing and directing the low-budget feature SCARED TO DEATH. Later, Malone went on to a successful career making such films as HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, FEAR DOT COM, PARASOMNIA and many TV shows including TALES FROM THE CRYPT and MASTERS OF HORROR"

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