John Badham on

Tom Jones

Released 1963
Distributor Lopert Pictures Corporation

Henry Fielding’s 1749 novel zoomed to the best seller lists after the success of this well-received multi-Oscar winner (best picture, director, screenplay and music score), attractively shot on location utilizing the residents of Cerne Abbas, a small village in Dorchester. Albert Finney and Joyce Redman’s elaborately erotic chow-down scene is right up there with Marco Ferreri’s La Grande Bouffe. Screen debuts of David Warner and Lynn Redgrave.

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About John Badham

John Badham, is the director of Saturday Night Fever, War Games, Stakeout, Short Circuit and Point of No Return, among others, as well as the TV series, Nikita, Heroes, Psych, The Shield and Criminal Minds. A Professor of Media Arts at Chapman University, his book “I’ll Be In My Trailer” has become the go-to source on directors working with Actors.   September 2013 will see the publication of his new book “John Badham on Directing”.

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