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The Who at The Fillmore

by Charlie Largent Sep 08, 2018

I was very gratified by all the positive responses to my monologue of Fillmore East memories. While I was organizing my notes and trying to decide where to begin, a CD of The Who Live at the Fillmore East May 1968 arrived in the mail. I fired up the big stereo, cranked the volume to 11. And…………I was at that show!! With the first chords of “Summertime Blues” I experienced a Proustian rush. The Who were my Rockin’ Madeleine. I was filled with memories, and now I am sharing those memories and adventures with you. The Who are the most exciting band that I have ever seen. At least 30 concerts worth, as a fan, as a crew member & in Joe’s Light. Warning, this is a bit geeky and wonkish.