Dana Gould on

The War of the Gargantuas

Released 1970
Distributor Maron Films

The War of the Gargantuas was planned as the sequel to Inshirō Honda’s Frankenstein Conquers the World but director Inshirō Honda had problems; he was in a contract dispute with the studio and star Tab Hunter was replaced by a less than cooperative Russ Tamblyn. Nevertheless Honda got his movie made with two of Toho’s best stuntmen facing off as Sanda and Gaira, the hairy behemoths who use Tokyo as a wrestling ring. A cult film if ever there was, the movie counts Brad Pitt and Guillermo del Toro among its fans.

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About Dana Gould

Dana Gould began his professional comedy career at the age of seventeen. Between Comedy Central, HBO and Showtime, Dana has six solo stand-up comedy specials to his credit. Dana has had memorable acting turns on SEINFELD, PARKS AND REC, and played his live action self on FAMILY GUY and THE SIMPSONS. Dana is the creator and executive producer of the IFC horror-comedy STAN AGAINST EVIL and adapted Rod Serling’s original screenplay draft for PLANET OF THE APES as a graphic novel for Boom! Comics. Dana played Doctor Z (Doctor Zaius) in full make up by Andy Schoneberg on his own original series, Hanging WIth Doctor Z on YouTube, where he, as Doctor Z, interviews famous guests. He continues to perform standup regularly across the country. His monthly podcast, THE DANA GOULD HOUR, frequently appears in iTunes' top ten comedy downloads. MR. FUNNY MAN, Dana’s first comedy album since 2015’s I KNOW ITS WRONG, debuted on iTunes comedy chart at #1. Most recently, Dana and Bobcat Goldthwait have collaborated on the upcoming film JOY RIDE.

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