Sam Hamm on

The Testamant of Dr. Cordelier

Released 1959
Distributor Radio-Télévision Française

The great Jean Renoir made this unauthorized Robert Louis Stevenson adaptation as a multi-camera television quickie, which turned out so well it played theaters under the titles Experiment in Evil and The Doctor’s Horrible Secret. Jean-Louis Barrault provides one of the more memorably eccentric Mr. Hyde performances.

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About Sam Hamm

Failed cartoonist Sam Hamm turned to screenwriting when he realized he would never be able to draw like Alex Toth. His feature credits include Never Cry Wolf, Batman, Batman Returns, and Monkeybone. Hamm also created the short-lived television series M.A.N.T.I.S. in collaboration with Sam Raimi. Most recently, he has written two episodes of the cable series Masters of Horror for director Joe Dante: Homecoming (for which he won a Best Screenplay award at the Sitges International Film Festival) and The Screwfly Solution.