David del Valle on

The Stud

Released 1979
Distributor Trans American Films

In 1969 Jackie Collins tapped out this trashy melange of romance novels and tabloid escapades and nine years later sister Joan turned it into a starring vehicle for herself while resurrecting her floundering career in the bargain. In fact,  “resurrection” may be too mild a term, made for $600,000, the film netted over $20,000,000 internationally. 

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Journalist, columnist and film historian David Del Valle is one of the leading authorities on the horror/science-fiction/cult & fantasy film genres. As producer and host of a series of television interviews entitled "Sinister Image" his guests ran the gamut from Cameron Mitchell to Russ Meyer. His print articles and profiles have appeared in such publications as Cinefantastique, Scarlet Street, Cult Movies, Fangoria, Films and Filming, Video Watchdog, The Dark Side (UK), and L'Ecran Fantastique of France for which he was also West Coast correspondent. Among his books are "Six Reels Under" and "Lost Horizons Beneath the Hollywood Sign".