Ti West on

The Straight Story

Released 1999
Distributor Buena Vista Pictures

As sunny as Eraserhead was dark, David Lynch’s The Straight Story tells the tale of Alvin Straight’s (Richard Farnsworth) journey to visit his estranged brother. This being a Lynch film, Alvin makes the cross-country trip on top of a John Deere lawnmower, clocking in at a steady five miles an hour. It’s also a true story (as Mark Twain said, “It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.”) Co-starring Sissy Spacek and Harry Dean Stanton and photographed by Freddie Francis.

About Ti West

Ti West is the writer and director of The Roost, Trigger Man, The House of the Devil, The Innkeepers, V/H/S/ (Second Honeymoon) & The Sacrament.  In general, he is a big fan of movies and the trailers that come before them.