Adam Rifkin on

The Shining

Released 1980
Distributor Warner Bros.

Stanley Kubrick’s stylish adaptation of Stephen King’s popular novel was pilloried by disappointed King fans who railed against its infidelity to the book, but it went on to become the hit that Kubrick was looking for after the commercial failure of Barry Lyndon. Now, of course, thanks to the recent documentary Room 237, we know that the whole movie is an elaborate apologia for Kubrick’s complicity in faking the moon landing!

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About Adam Rifkin

Adam Rifkin is the versatile writer/director known for writing family fare like Disney’s Underdog, Dreamwork’s MousehuntSmall Soldiers and Zoom. From his darker, grittier side Rifkin wrote and directed the cult hits The Dark BackwardDetroit Rock CityNight at the Golden Eagle, The Chase and his critically acclaimed and award winning surveillance drama Look.  Most recently Rifkin wrote and directed Reality Show,  a dark satire about the world of reality television that had its world premiere on the opening night of the 2013 SXSW Film Festival. Follow Adam on Twitter Adam on Facebook

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