Michael Tolkin on

The Rapture

Released 1991
Distributor Fine Line Features

One of the more unique projects of the decade, director/writer Michael Tolkin’s disturbing 1991 religious fantasy tells the story of Sharon (Mimi Rogers), a young libertine converted to born-again Christianity, who takes drastic measures to ensure that the coming “Rapture” will “save” her young daughter. It’s provocative, to say the least, and in his debut as a TFH Guru, Michael Tolkin puts it all in properly apocalyptic perspective.

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About Michael Tolkin

Michael Tolkin won the Golden Globe, The Writers Guild Award, and was nominated for an Academy Award for his adaptation of his first novel, The Player. He won the Humanitas Prize for his work on HBO’s The Burning Season, starring the late Raul Julia. He wrote and directed The Rapture and The New Age.

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