Mark Pellington on

The Last Picture Show

Released 1971
Distributor Columbia

The ghosts of Howard Hawks and John Ford hover over film buff/historian Peter Bogdanovich’s first studio movie after the impressive indie Targets. Orson Welles persuaded him to insist on shooting his Oscar winning adaptation of Larry McMurtry’s semi-autobiographical novel in black and white, unusual for the period. He followed it in 1990 with a sequel, Texasville, featuring many of the same cast. In 1992 Bogdanovich  issued a “director’s cut” adding seven minutes of material deleted by Columbia, which had insisted on a two hour running time.

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About Mark Pellington

Mark Pellington directs feature films, television, commercials and music videos. His film credits include Going All the Way (with Ben Affleck and Jeremy Davies), Arlington Road (with Jeff Bridges and Tim Robbins),  The Mothman Prophecies (with Richard Gere and Laura Linney), Henry Poole is Here (with Luke Wilson) and I Melt with You  (starring Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven, Rob Lowe and Christian McKay. He also co-directed the fabulous 3-D concert film U-2 3-D.

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